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Have you always dreamed of flying? Many people hop on a plane at LaGuardia or JFK and look at the clean-cut pilots sitting in extravagant cockpits thinking, “I’d never be able to do that.”

Well, thanks to 7:47 Aviation, learning to fly a plane is a possibility for everyone. Jump into a cockpit today, and complete your lifelong dream of flying.

What is An Aviation School?

You may have previously driven past an aviation school in NY without realizing that you yourself could attend the school. Aviation schools provide training for sports pilot licenses or private pilot licenses. Aviation schools are different than aviation colleges, however. If you’re interested in learning how to fly, it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Aviation College

There has been a growing trend in the United States tailored to those who want to make a living in the aviation industry. Younger aviation enthusiasts have been going traditional four-year colleges in lieu of attending an aviation college.

Aviation college increases the chances of young pilots securing a job flying for a major airline upon graduation. This is because they provide ATP certificates, which is a requirement for pilots of major airlines. Although the number has been increasing, there are not a great number of aviation colleges in the United States that are accredited to provide ATP certification.

An aviation college provides a traditional college experience in that it is a multi-year commitment, with classes hosted on campus. Because the number of schools is sparse, this may mean that you have to uproot your life to attend.

Flying Magazine has provided an in-depth look at aviation colleges and why they could be a great fit for those with a genuine interest in flying.  

Aviation School

Aviation school, on the other hand, is a great choice for the average person who is interested in flying for sport or hobby. Aviation school allows you to complete your training on your own schedule. If you work a full-time job, have kids, or are committed to any other time-consuming activities, you’ll be able to balance your schedule so that you can still attend aviation school.

In addition to sport pilot licenses and private pilot licenses, many aviation schools offer commercial licenses. This means that aviation colleges are not the only way to become a commercial pilot. After receiving your commercial pilot license from your aviation school, you can try to gain employment with a major airline.

Commercial pilot licenses are great for those looking to make money while flying. Whether you would like to run your own private company giving tours or work for a company flying charter planes, you’ll be able to do so after attending your local aviation school and meeting the requirements.

While there are a limited number of aviation colleges throughout the country, there are many aviation schools in NY. In fact, the odds are pretty good that your local airport hosts an aviation school. 7:47 Aviation, for example, is located in Main Hangar 1 at the Cortland County Airport.

Flying with 7:47

When you choose to fly 7:47, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 7:47 Aviation offers a number of different courses and experiences for aviation enthusiasts of all levels.

Introductory Classes

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try flying, but don’t want to commit to the tests and certificates required to obtain a license without knowing whether you can be successful as a pilot. Flying can be daunting, especially when you’re in the cockpit for the first time! The view from the cockpit is a lot different than the view you’re used to when flying in a commercial jet.

7:47 Aviation understands that between the costs, the heights, and the fear of trying something new, flying is an intimidating endeavor. Because of this, they offer an introductory flight lesson with a Certified Flight Instructor.

An introductory flight lesson provides up to 45 minutes of flight time, and you control the entire process. The lesson allows you to fly as much or as little as you feel comfortable. If you get up in the air and realize that flying is not for you, there’s no need to worry. Your Certified Flight Instructor will take it the rest of the way.

The lesson takes place over the Finger Lakes Region, which provides spectacular views at any time of the year. If you’re not comfortable flying, you can simply sit back and enjoy the Finger Lakes from a vantage point you’ve never seen before.   

On the other hand, if you get up in the air and realize that flying is the adrenaline rush you’ve been searching for, you can control the entire flight. Your Certified Flight Instructor will give you control of the plane from the taxi to the runway. You’ll also be given controls for takeoff and the initial climb.

While in the air, your introductory lesson allows you to perform basic flying maneuvers, including

  • Straight and Level
  • Climbs
  • Descents
  • Turns

The introductory lesson allows you to feel what flying feels like while giving you a feel of how control systems work. If you decide that you’d like to keep flying in the future, the introductory lesson will count toward the certification you are seeking. The flight will be recorded in your brand-new logbook that comes with the lesson.

It’s a financial commitment when you determine you’d like to obtain aviation certification. But the introductory lesson is an affordable way to try flying, no-strings-attached. The lesson is only $89, which pales in comparison to the thousands of dollars certification costs.

The introductory lesson also makes a great gift. What better way to spark someone’s interest in flying and encourage them to get into the cockpit?

Summer Camp

7:47 also offers a unique experience for the children of Cortland County every summer, offering summer camps for kids. Summer camps are available for kids 9 and older.

Kids aged 9-15 will participate in the “More About Planes” camp. This camp, which lasts one week, gives kids their first exposure to aviation. They will discover the history of planes and how planes fly. They’ll also go on a field trip and go for a plane ride. This camp can be a great way to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

16-year-olds are eligible to attend the “Going Up While Growing Up” camp. This camp allows teenagers to talk with an air traffic control and gain insight into their daily job requirements. They’ll also learn the maneuvers required to fly a plane safely. Toward the end of camp, they’ll be able to fly a plane by themselves! This camp lasts three weeks.

Those 17 and older are granted access to an exclusive experience, as they are able to work toward their private pilot certificate. Not only will they learn the basics of aviation, such as what makes a play fly, but they’ll fly solo throughout Cortland County. They’ll also complete “cross-country” trips, flying to various airports in the area.

This camp lasts approximately three months, which is the time it takes most students to complete their certification. By the end of the camp, students will have logged enough hours in the air to be eligible for their private pilot certificate. With the help of their instructor, students will complete the paperwork and tests necessary to enroll as a certified pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Even though it’s beginning to snow in Cortland County, it’s never too early to consider next summer’s plans. Before you plan a family vacation, consider enrolling your kids in an exciting experience during the 2018 summer. Flight Training Financing is available for camps. 7:47 is willing to work with you to come up with a monthly payment plan that allows you to invest in your child’s future.e

What if Flying Isn’t for You?

If you are an aviation enthusiast but realize the act of flying itself isn’t for you, 7:47 offers a number of affordable alternatives. 7:47 offers a flight simulator experience for $85, which makes you feel as though you are flying. However, your feet will be firmly on the ground, safe as can be!

You can also take a tour with 7:47 Aviation, which makes for a great family experience or a romantic date. The tour takes advantage of the beautiful Hudson River. Once departing, you’ll fly to West Point, home of Army’s campus. Then you’ll fly down the Hudson River back to Cortland County. While traveling the Hudson, you’ll see many famous landmarks in Manhattan, including

  • Empire State Building
  • Statue of Liberty
  • George Washington Bridge

Just because you don’t want to obtain your pilot’s certificate does not mean you have to sacrifice the great benefits aviation has to offer!

Visit 7:47 Today

Come by 7:47 Aviation in Cortland County, where you can look at the planes or talk to a local pilot. You’ll be sure to find something that fuels your interest in aviation!

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